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Your personal French School with Your private French Tutor

View from your classroom!

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Bonjour et Bienvenue,

We are a private school offering a personalised service in teaching French as a Second Language. I will be your Personal French tutor and accompany you in learning and practicing the language whether you are at beginner or advanced level.

We accept from 1 to 4 people traveling together so we ensure you have the optimal conditions for learning to help you achieve your goals!

We would be very happy to get to know you,

Welcome in our French way of life!


French Classes

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In the privacy of your own cottage in the heart of the gorgeous Bordeaux Wine country, you will be deciding the pace of your French vacations, finding the right combination between studying, relaxing and visiting.

Enjoy a Unique French Experience with the help of your professional French teacher!

At lifeinfrench-bordeaux we like transparency so once you book with us, a contract is signed to ensure that everything goes well during your stay.




Corena, Australia, 2022

She is a passionate and very entertaining teacher. We shared many laughs as she used different approaches to teach me as much as possible.

Alex, Canada, 2022

She introduced us both to creative and memorable tools, tips and tricks that we will surely never forget.

Maryly, USA, 2022

Edwige is a master at breaking things down into a simple and straightforward way.

Online lessons

Consistent and Substantial Improvements

As an experienced Teacher I understand that each student learns differently, which is why I work with each and every one to find the best method for them.

You will improve your listening and speaking in no time!

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