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Explore the Bordeaux region...

...during your French Homestay

Salad and Wine

Learn French and taste wine

The vineyards of


Saint Emilion,


Medoc and many more,


will welcome you to visit their cellars and taste their famous wines.

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Visit an amazing city

Bordeaux is one of France's greatest cities, where you will enjoy:


visiting museums, contemplate the fine buildings of the old city and enjoy the local gastronomic delights...!


Discover French Culture


The region has also been the home of many famous personalities such as:


Toulouse Lautrec (visite du Château de Malromé), Montesquieu (visite du château de la Brède),

French writer Francois Mauriac (visite du centre culturel de Malagar),

Henri IV and Queen Margot (visite du château de Cazeneuve)​

And plenty more...!


Take a break by the sea

West of Bordeaux you'll find the fascinating Dune du Pilat, the highest dune in Europe with a 360 degrees view. 


From the top you will see sandy beaches, oyster farms and beautiful pines forests, as well as the entry of the famous bay of Arcachon.


Have a healthy holiday

Further down is the beginning of the Canal du midi:


A popular cycle route that stretches all the way to the Mediterranean sea!


Learn French History


From prehistoric caves to medieval chateaux,


Come and Explore the remarkable sites that have remained intact over the centuries.

Château fort de Roquetaillade 

Château fort de Rauzan

Château de Vayres

Abbaye de La Sauve Majeure...

...and plenty more!

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