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C'est combien?

Looking for the best conditions to learn French during an immersion stay at your teacher's home?



At lifeinfrench-bordeaux we want to adapt to your style, making sure you enjoy both the experience of learning French, as well as your special holiday in France.


That's why we also offer "A la carte" menu!

Choose the package that suits you best: for each section Excursion-Food, pick what you prefer, give me your favourite combination and I will send you an appropriate quote.


Please see also                                              for a 5 nights stay (Sun to Fri) as an example.




Our most popular program: Le Classique!



1250 euros per week.


It includes:


5 nights ( Arrival Sunday after 4pm, departure Friday after lunch)

6 meals (Dinner on your arrival day and Lunch or Dinner during the week, depending on excursion and timing)

1 breakfast (the first morning, when your fridge is still empty! We have a corner shop 10 minutes walk distance and a supermarket 5 km away. I can drive you if you don't have a car).

1 excursion (one afternoon spent together visiting or doing an activity)

15 hours class (3 hours each morning)

Of course we are happy to extend your stay to a 6 nights, 10 days or a 2 weeks French Immersion Homestay, just ask for your quote and we will be very happy to adapt!

Which package suits you best?

 For the EXCURSION you are


Un Explorateur: You like to be independent. You're happy to have your private accommodation and the classes in the morning but you want to spend time on your own in the afternoon to relax, study or explore by yourself. You will find lots of brochures in your cottage to help organising your field trips and of course I will give you some tips as well!


Un Visiteur: You would like to do one afternoon excursion with me, having me help you to understand a guided tour, or simply going to the market or visiting a village, I will hold your hand! No problem!


For the FOOD you are


Minimalist: You usually eat like a bird; you like to nibble just a piece of cheese on bread or you would like to cook your own food, just because, then this option is for you. If you still wish to have dinner on arrival day and/or one breakfast on your first day, to give you time to settle in, then please, just ask!


Touriste: You're happy to learn French OK, but you are also on holiday! You prefer to wake up slowly on your own in the morning, taking your time, so you don't want to share the breakfast but you're happy to share one meal a day (Lunch or Dinner, depending on the excursion and timing).


Gourmand: You would like to share the breakfast and one meal each day with me. We will meet up around 8.00am for breakfast, then we will separate to get ready for the class starting around 9.00/9.30am.

We will share one meal every day, lunch or dinner, depending on your excursion and timing.

So tell me, what is your preferred combination? Are you more of Un Explorateur Minimaliste or Un Visiteur Gourmand?

Here is the quote for the minimum and the maximum price you can get for an example 5 nights immersion stay:


The least you can take, which is Un Explorateur Minimaliste (5 nights + 15 hours class) is 950 euros for one person.

The most you can do, which is Un Visiteur Gourmand (5 nights + 5 breakfasts + 6 meals + 1 excursion + 15 hours class) is 1 300 euros.


For an extra person with classes, prices varies between 600 and 800 euros.

For an extra person without classes, prices varies between 200 and 350 euros.


Note that for each program you have your own accommodation, you will have the use of your own 2-bedroom cottage adjacent to our house with your private terrace overlooking the vineyards.

The cottage also has 2 toilets, a shower and open plan kitchen-lounge.