Program of your French language immersion stay near Bordeaux

Just a stone's throw from Saint Emilion and Sauternes,  come and enjoy a unique Homestay at your French teacher.

We will share classes, meals and excursions. Here is a suggestion for your immersion program, but I’m also happy to adapt to your rhythm and create a personalised schedule.


Je mange en terrasse avec mon étudiant!

You can choose up to 3 hours a day of French classes. We usually study in the morning, finding the right balance between formal classes and more casual practice walking around the area, if you wish.

I like to use authentic documents like articles and videos and play games to help you speak as much as possible!

After theory let's go together into the field!

For beginner students I'll help you build your basic conversation skills and get you to practice at the bakery, at the restaurant or the local market...

I'll "hold your hand" and give you the confidence to practice what we've learned together in class!

For intermediate or advanced learners, we will prepare in class for a more complex topic such as a guided tour in French on a specific matter. We will get prepared to the speed of the French language and I will help you to prepare some questions so you will turn into a natural-sounding francophone!

Sharing meals

Une tarte épinards-feta Miam miam!

We won't forget that you are on holiday! So YOU decide if you would like to share breakfast with me or start the day on your own! We adapt!

If we do share breakfast, we'll meet up an hour or so, before starting our French class. We'll probably start class around 9.00 or 9.30am.

We also have the possibility to share one other meal per day. I usually like to share dinner on your arrival day and on your last night. Otherwise we will share the lunch, especially when it is on a "excursion day"as it is a very intense day and everybody is tired by the end of the afternoon!

For a dinner or a lunch you want to prepare for yourself, you can either buy
some food and cook it in your own flat or eat out if you have your own car!

I enjoy cooking simple but tasty meals with fresh vegetables from the local market or our garden. We will combine local produce with aromatic herbs and accompany them with a nice local wine. I will also be happy to adapt my food to your special diet: I can cook vegetarian, vegan or whatever your diet may require under your guidance.

"As a vegetarian who travels a lot I find it is not always easy to both eat locally and vegetarian during my travels. Edwige prepared balanced, varied vegetarian food that was prepared with local ingredients during my stay. It was amazing."   Tanya, Canada, 2018

Excursions and activities 

Je fais du vélo à côté du château médiéval avec mon étudiante!

Learn French and explore the region!


As part of your authentic French experience, we can arrange up to 2 excursions per week.

There is the possibility to explore a medieval village together, going to a local market, visiting a castle, a museum or simply going for a ride or a walk.


There are plenty of brochures in your cottage for you to choose from.


We also have 2 bikes you can borrow!

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