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Program - French Language Courses near Bordeaux

Just a stone's throw from Saint Emilion and Sauternes,  come and enjoy a unique French Holiday at your French teacher!

Your package includes:

  • 5 nights in your own 2 bedrooms cottage, adjacent to our house

  • 1 Breakfast at you front door the first morning, Hamper basket!

  • Your personal French tutor will come to you to teach you French every morning for 3 hours. A total of 15 hours private French class per week, from Monday to Friday.

I like to use authentic documents like articles, videos and play games to help you speak as much as possible!

"I couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous classroom!" 

Lisa, USA





During your stay you might like to explore the region!


If you would like me to accompany you, we have the Option "Excursion" 


As part of your authentic French experience, we can arrange one afternoon visiting or doing an activity together. I will be your French buddy for the day, encouraging you to speak French not only with me but with other French people, which can be often challenging!

There is the possibility to explore a medieval village together, going for a wine tasting, visiting a castle, a museum or simply going for a ride or a walk.

There are plenty of brochures for you to choose from in your cottage.


OPTION ATELIER (workshop) 

If you wish an extra class or two, we offer the possibility to have 2 more hours in the afternoon, emphasizing on a facet you need to strenghten.

This can be discussed after your arrival if you need a professional advice.

Atelier Grammaire:


Two hours to learn and practice tenses, pronouns or any grammar difficulty you might encounter, we will develop automatisms so French grammar will have no secrets for you anymore!

" Her approach is different.  I asked for her help with the subjunctif...the thing many students have come to dread.  Rather than share the traditional tables of what is and isn't subjunctif, we started small, focusing on just a few things until they came to me easily.  My confidence grew as we got further and further into it. "

Susan, USA

Atelier Conversation:


This workshop can be more or less formal, depending on your interests, it can vary from playing games to discuss French culture, a movie or simply chatting whilst baking a cake. Multitasking in French can sometimes be difficult!

I will adapt my questions so you can enjoy speaking French but still be challenged!

"I have been learning French for almost eight years and I have had many teachers during that time. Edwige has to be one of the best teachers that I have met. She adapted the classes very quickly to my level. She brings so much positive energy to each class, it is infectious."

Charlotte, Australia

Atelier Pronunciation :

Most of my students have the fear to not be understood when expressing themselves in French.

It can be tricky to gain confidence especially when the French person replies to you in English!

In this workshop, not only I will give you tricks to ease your speaking but also your listening.

If you develop your listening skills, automatically your speaking skills will ameliorate considerably!

"Edwige speaks very clearly and we have found our speaking and listening skills have improved under her excellent tuition.  Apart from anything, her classes are a lot of fun and we laugh together as we struggle (as people in our 60s) to get our tongues around French pronunciation!"

David, Australia

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