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Student Testimonials

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Sandy and Peter, USA, Octobre 2019

I met Edwige one week ago, arriving last Sunday afternoon in mid-October for five days of daily French instruction.  To be honest, I did not know what to expect, and wondered whether I would be wasting both her and my time.  I have studied French, on and off, for over 50 years, and continued to struggle.  My French at best would be considered poor intermediate when I arrived a week ago.  Looking back, Edwige held every conversation with me and my wife (who fortunately studied French in college a long time ago) in French from the moment we arrived until our departure.  Clearly, she was immediately able to assess our knowledge of the French language and adjusted the level of conversation accordingly.


Each morning I had 3 hours of one on one instruction (my wife had previously chosen not to participate in the lessons).  I was afraid that 3 hours of daily French instruction would be too much for me.  Instead, I found the time went by too fast, and I was looking forward to the next day to start again.  Edwige has a wonderful personality and simply put, knows how to teach.  At the beginning of the week I was hesitant to speak French.  By the end of the week I found myself enthusiastically speaking French to everyone who would listen, until I finally left French culture when my Air France plane touched down in Atlanta.  The lessons combine word games, instruction on grammar, pronunciation, listening to recordings of French spoken by real French people at real French speed, and conversation with Edwige.  Edwige knew exactly the challenges I needed, and my comprehension and speaking progressed rapidly as the week progressed. -->Suite...